Health Risks from Water Damage

Hurricanes often cause a lot of Los Angeles water damage in homes that are affected by these hurricanes. There is usually a lot of flooding and then the homes have to be repaired back to normal and homeowners are usually placed in temporary housing for the time being. You can’t just look at the damage that is on the surface because usually there is damage inside the walls and under the flooring or carpet. This type of damage has to be repaired because if it isn’t repaired properly then eventually mold will develop and that is a whole other set of problems that you do not want to deal with in the future.

The first step that a professional will take is they will find the extent of the damage/risk using state of the art equipment that will give them an idea of the repairs that are needed. Then they will do the repairs and make the room and home livable again. They will protect everyone from stagnant water and dirty water that may cause future damage. This will also protect everyone from the microorganisms that can harm your family. They can also clean your furniture and electronics from any potential damage. This is a very important part of the repair process.