Learn How to Use Periodic Cleaning Services Efficiently

There are numerous factors to consider when creating a cleaning schedule for your cleaning services. Important factors to consider include areas that need frequent cleaning, the length of time allotted to each cleaning task, how often each cleaning task is performed and the amount of time the cleaner will spend in your home. The cleaners may not need to visit regularly if you live alone, however, the cleaning services will need to attend regularly if you have children or pets. So, how do you create the ideal cleaning schedule?

Identify Important Cleaning Tasks

Create a master task list that details cleaning jobs for each room in the home. For example, the living room, dining room, study, bedrooms, kitchen and bathroom all need to be cleaned, however, you cannot schedule a cleaning service before you identify specific tasks and consider how frequently the jobs should be done.

Create an Affordable Cleaning Schedule

Your cleaning schedule should suit your budget. For instance, do you need the cleaners to visit every day or would you prefer them to visit one a week to clean the house from top to bottom.

Cleaning schedules vary, but a typical cleaning schedule includes:

. A Daily Clean: Messy homes may need to be cleaned every day. Hire the cleaning service for one and a half hours daily to keep your home tidy. Weekly cleaning tasks should be performed on one of these days.

. The Length of Each Cleaning Session: Certain tasks will have to be performed every day; however, cleaning is an ongoing job, so set aside one hour for specific jobs.

. Clean One Room a Day or Perform One Major Cleaning Job Daily: Cleaning services are familiar with this type of cleaning plan. The householder will expect certain cleaning tasks to be done on different days. For example, Monday is laundry day, Tuesday is vacuuming day, and the bedrooms are cleaned on Wednesday and so forth.

. A One Day Cleaning Session: This particular cleaning schedule is perfect for those who lead a busy life. All of the cleaning is done on a specified day of the week. This type of cleaning schedule works for many households, you know the major cleaning jobs and you leave the cleaning team to work undisturbed. The cleaners will perform daily and weekly tasks and factor in monthly and seasonal jobs.

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One-Step Cleaning

Today it is hard to keep the house clean. Everyone is so busy in their daily lives cleaning can quickly get out of hand. Some come to the point of throwing up their hands and giving up. It is just too hard to keep up especially with a family.

Before your home ends up looking like an episode of “Hoarders”; there is help. Besides hiring a professional cleaning service, this is easy too. It is a simple process and can be implemented immediately to keep your house clean.

When You Use It – Put It Away

How simple is that? When you take something out and use it; Put It Away. Don’t just leave it on the counter, or laying in the floor – Put It Away. Instead of leaving clothes in the floor, put them in the basket. Put dirty dishes right in the dishwasher after you use them.

It is a simple idea with many profound implications. You home wasn’t always the mess it is now was it? At one point everything was put away. Now everything is out everywhere.

If everyone in your household just put away everything they used, no mess. There wouldn’t be dirty dishes piling up in the sink, dirty clothes on the laundry room floor, or a mess on the coffee table. Everything would be back in its proper place and no mess.

Now for the bigger messes. Like the garage or basement. If you are faced with cleaning a big mess take some big garbage bags ad do this.

Give It Away – Throw It Away

Make two piles – one to give away and one to throw away. Everyone has stuff they keep for no good reason. This is perfect to do either with . If it is good shape, then give it away to a worthy cause.

You will come across stuff you want to keep in this process. Think long and hard on these. If you haven’t seen it or used it in six months – what are the chances it will get used at all?

If you are really squeamish, put these items in a box and label it with the date. If in six months you have no idea what they are; then get rid of them. They are already nicely packaged for either the trash or to give away.

Taking This Further

This concept can also work in other areas. Take your bills and pay them immediately and file them. Throw the junk mail directly into recycling instead of piling up on your desk. Even start electronic billing to further reduce the clutter.

Go through each room of the house and do this too. Put your old magazines and newspapers in the recycling. if some may be worth something, then sell them and have some extra cash. Have a big yard sale and make a bit of extra money.

Go through your closet. Outdated or not worn for a while can be given away. Look at your shoes and do the same thing. Food in your cupboard you don’t use can be given to a food drive.

You will be amazed at how much better and easier to clean your home is when there is less clutter. Sometimes to get it started will need a cleaning service to get things in order first and clean.

These two simple things have brought many families a better home environment. they can for you too if you use them and make a commitment to doing them. give them a try and see how your home can transform.

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